Sage Advice from the Queen of Swords

Over the past few weeks themes concerning self-respect, boundaries and truth came up with friends, family and clients more times than I can count. I listened to so many stories of people feeling shut down by the opinions of others, remaining silent about their desires then being disappointed when things didn’t go their way or finding themselves in stressful, draining situations that could have been avoided if they only knew how to say no.

People dealing with these kinds of issues can find guidance and wise counsel if they sit a spell with the Tarot’s Queen of Swords.

The Queen of Swords is often described as cold and aloof, a woman who has gained wisdom through difficult trials and her share of suffering. She certainly isn’t the most approachable Lady in the Tarot and when read in a deck of playing cards as the Queen of Spades, it is her negative aspects that are usually highlighted. But when this Queen is at her best, upright and empowered, she is a great teacher. 

When I was a younger woman trying to figure things out, if the Queen of Swords came up in a reading, I always heard my mama’s voice advising me, it said things like:  Don’t let nobody talk to you any type of way.  Make your own choices, don’t be a followerTell them that’s not going to work for you. And Oh hell no, you need to handle that

The Queen of Swords, is a strong and intelligent woman. Direct and honest, she knows her worth and takes no shit.

The Queen of Swords Speaks Truth

She challenges you to say what you mean, all the time. In addition to expressing your true thoughts and feelings, saying what you mean includes responding in an honest way.  Do you find yourself in the habit of apologizing for things that you actually are not sorry for? Why? I mean are you really sorry when someone bumps into you at the grocery store? Are you sorry when you have to let the person who called your phone know that you are not interested in what they are selling? Are you sorry that you couldn’t stay at work late again because your colleague wanted you to cover for her so she could leave a little early for the third time this week? No?  If you ain’t sorry, drop the apology and just say what you mean. 

The same goes for “It’s okay.” If it isn’t okay, stop acting like it is. Being polite is one thing, being fake-nice & a doormat is another. The Queen of Swords knows she can be honest without being rude and she speaks truth.  

The Queen of Swords Draws Boundaries

She encourages you to not allow others to overstep with unsolicited opinions and suggestions.

She teaches you to say things like:         

This is my choice

I’m not looking for anybody’s approval

Nah, I’m good

I got this                         

(and if necessary) Didn’t nobody ask you

She reminds you not to let anyone invade your personal space, (physical or psychological) and not to let people monopolize your time. 

The Queen of Swords demands respect for her “No” and teaches us that we should not allow ourselves to be guilted into doing things that we don’t want to do and that we don’t need to justify or make excuses for our “no”. She affirms that you are allowed to not do something simply because you don’t want to.

The Queen of Swords Is Direct and Clear

She tells you: When communicating ask for what you want, say what you expect and don’t sit around waiting for someone to guess. It’s nobody’s job to read your mind. And being frustrated, disappointed or passive aggressive with the people in your life who don’t meet your expectations when you have not been clear about them, is unfair and a very disempowered way to exist. You have a voice, use it. 

The Queen of Swords is secure in herself and knows who she is. She doesn’t compare herself to others because she knows that we are each unique beings which means there is no one who can present what she has to offer in the exact same fashion. She is confident in her gifts and knows her worth.

She doesn’t have time to mind somebody else’s business because she is busy becoming the best version of herself. Though she is talented and knowledgeable, like everyone else she has her areas of challenge and weakness. But she does not waste her time sitting around being petty and worrying about what somebody else is doing. The Queen of Swords is focused on learning and continued growth so she can move in the world with precision and do what she came here to do. 

The wise Queen of Swords knows that being confident, honest, and forthright may result in some people thinking she’s difficult or unfriendly. She is unbothered by this because she would rather be perceived by the foolish as such, than to give up her personal power and live outside of her truth. 

Easier said than done right? If you are looking for support  to connect with your inner Queen of Swords and to express yourself with more truth and clarity contact me today.


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