About Me

Shanel Jackson, Spiritual Arts TherapistI am lucky and my life is blessed. My voice is clear and strong, it is authentic and I feel heard by the people around me. My days are creative and inspired, there is always time for joyful experiences and artistic expression. My relationships are rich and deeply rooted. I know these blessings are the result of many years of inner work and my commitment to personal growth, spiritual development and healing.

Things were not always so clear, and I didn’t always feel this sense of freedom and satisfaction that I currently have. There was a time when my day-to-day life felt limited and I yearned to explore beyond my environment and what was familiar, to discover what life was all about.  I was not exactly unhappy, but I was longing for something more.

I wanted change but I felt trapped, stuck, in a cycle of shoulds, can’ts and have-tos. I had big ideas and dreams, but I was afraid to take the necessary steps to create what I wanted to experience and be. I felt like the world around me said that to have what I had as a Black woman artist and professional was supposed to be enough and that I should be content with that. But I wasn’t and I had a hard time trusting myself to make the choices I needed to get to a better place, because it would be foolish to risk financial security, my support network and possibly the relationship with my partner to get to some unknown, imagined “better place”.

To be honest, my fear of failure was probably the biggest block to me trying to fulfill my dreams and aspirations. I was bored, uninspired and secretly jealous of people who seemed to be doing life exactly how they wanted to.

Then the Universe gave me the kick in the butt that I really needed. One day I went to work and found out that the non-profit organization I had spent ten years being part of and working for had been robbed. The executive director stole all of the money and bounced. The company was broke and couldn’t pay. I had no job. No money. No career identity. Now what?

It was at this time that I got the message loud and clear – security is an illusion, and I should not try to avoid taking risks to make my dreams come true. I had no excuses and I was ready to take the next steps even though I wasn’t exactly sure of what I wanted to do next or how to begin.

Art and spirituality had been a constant throughout my life so I went deep into my spiritual practice and artistic process during this time of uncertainty. I painted, I prayed. I danced, I wrote. I recorded my dreams and consulted oracles. The inner work that I engaged in led me to important truths about who I really was. Once I was able to distinguish what was mine from the values, expectations, fears and limitations of others that I had internalized, I gained clarity about the steps I wanted to take to begin the next part of my  journey. So I packed up my things and moved from Chicago to California where I completed a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology and Expressive Arts Therapy.

The following years I went deeper into my creative process, exploring and expanding on new art forms and took my writing to the next level by publishing both fiction and non-fiction. I also committed to further spiritual development, doing intensive training and initiating with traditional healers and metaphysical teachers. My whole life transformed.

Stepping into my power and taking control of my life gave me confidence in who I am and what I am capable of doing. Today, my life is full of magic and beauty. I am grateful and I am happy and I help my clients discover their full potential. I know I can help YOU embrace your truth and step into your power through a creative, healing process of self-discovery.

A few details about me:

I believe that everyone has it within themselves to create the life that they want and deserve, it is only a matter of connecting to the truth of who you really are. I am here to help you do just that. Are YOU ready? Then click on the button below to contact me and get started on your journey to greater clarity and self-empowerment!

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