Custom Spirit Dolls & Spirit Doll Workshops

Would you like to connect with Spirit through a unique artistic process
in a group of like-minded people?


spirit doll workshop chicago

If you want a deeper connection to your ancestors, your spiritual guides or to the Divine in some way, a Spirit Doll can be a great vehicle to accomplish that.

As sacred objects, dolls have been used for transformation, healing and empowerment for thousands of years. People all over the world create them as tools for spiritual, ritual and magical purposes.

I started making Spirit Dolls when I was completing my degree in Expressive Arts Therapy, and very quickly doll making became one of my favorite healing arts to work with.

As an artist, some of my Spirit Dolls have been featured in several art shows in Chicago.

Join A Spirit Doll Making Workshop in Chicago


spirit doll workshop chicagoA Spirit Doll Making Workshop is a great way to experience creative expression, self-exploration and inspired community. Creating a Spirit Doll can be an empowering way for you to connect with and bring into being a physical representation of your own sense of joy, courage, power, wisdom or hope. The doll making process can support you in healing grief or addressing trauma, and it can serve as a valuable tool to externalize and confront certain fears, disappointments, losses or other experiences that may be difficult for you to acknowledge.

You can also make a Spirit Doll for ritual, magical or spiritual purposes. As a power object, your Spirit Doll can serve as an amulet or talisman for fertility, protection, prosperity or healing. In the hands of traditional healers, Spirit Dolls are important tools in sacred rites of passage and special ceremonies, and you can use yours in this way too. Creating a spirit doll that represents an ancestor or guide is a beautiful way to honor and celebrate a loved one, as well as to tap into the wisdom associated with a particular energy or being.

Contact me If you are interested in a Spirit Doll Workshop!

Also, if you are located in Chicago, I am available to facilitate a Doll Making Workshop at your special event. Fees are: $300 for 4-6 people or $525 for 7-10 people. Contact me for details.

I Highly Recommend It!

I took Shanel’s Spirit Doll workshop and it was healing in some very surprising ways. I will always hold a special place in my heart for this class as it helped me through some of the initial rough grieving of a family member who passed unexpectedly the day before the workshop occurred. Shanel was very supportive, offering assistance and insight at times, while also respecting my space and letting me be in my own head during the process. I am so grateful for the time that I spent with fellow spirit doll artists bringing my doll into being. I still have the doll I made sitting in a place of honor on my ancestor altar. I highly recommend it! —Karin L.

Order Your Exclusive, Custom Made Spirit Doll!


spirit doll workshop chicagoWhat is truly in your heart? What do you desire? What are you hoping for, or trying to embody or manifest? What are you working to heal? A custom made Spirit Doll can serve as a powerful inspiration, reminder and encouragement to continue moving towards your aspirations.

If you are interested in having a doll made exclusively for you, we can schedule a time to talk so you may share with me images, themes, colors, and symbols that are important to you. Using a combination of your ideas and my intuition, I will create your unique Spirit Doll.

Prices vary between $35 and $325, depending on materials used, complexity and size. Contact me for more information.