Always a pleasure

“Shanel is a kind and open hearted person, she is also fun. Healing work is often a painful process but in my experience working with Shanel was always a pleasure. It was not easy, but I was always excited to try the various practices and assignments she offered during our sessions. I had a big transformation working with her and went from a pretty shy and timid person to a confident person who is more comfortable expressing my thoughts and feelings with others.  I struggled for a long time with my voice and being heard, I never spoke up for myself and I could hardly make eye contact with people when they were talking to me. In working with Shanel I got to the core of why I didn’t feel like my voice was valid and where a lot of the anxiety around being seen was coming from. Over time she provided me with guidance, healing sessions, tools and techniques that helped me completely change how I see myself and how I experience my life.” —Mary H.