“Shanel has given me spiritual and emotional guidance through pregnancy, postpartum depression, motherhood , new spiritual endeavors, relationships and career changes. She encouraged me to return to school to pursue my dream of attaining a PhD when I was feeling uncertain and unsure about whether it was possible.For me, Shanel has been a teacher, healer and friend. She is a true light in my life.” —Heather W.

“I reached out to Shanel because I was stuck in my personal life and on the verge of depression. I was dealing with pain from my past and adjusting to a major transition in my personal and professional life. Shanel supported me in developing strategies for drowning out the voice of others and hearing my own voice when making decisions. I feel like I am finally at peace and look forward to who I am becoming and what is next in my life.” —Tanya S.

“I had been down for quite some time.  Stress around my career and work was shaking my confidence and had me in a state of fear. I was really in a low place and struggling to get out of it. After an expressive arts therapy session with Shanel I found myself the very next day up and out with renewed energy and hope. The tools she provided me with really helped me turn around my perspective. The session with her was the most I had gotten out of therapy with anyone in a long time. She is magic.” —Vanessa M.

“I have been to several intuitive healers and Reiki masters over the years but working with Shanel was an incredible experience. Shanel holds a calm and non-jugdmental space that I felt safe in. Before working with her anxiety caused me to struggle with insomnia, but over a series of sessions with her I was able to eliminate insomnia all together as well as heal some of the emotional baggage that she addressed during the very first session.” —Lindsay S.